Have you ever been jealous of your classmate or colleague, who manages to finish all his tasks on time, while you are left whining and cribbing about how to finish your share of work? The only advantage that such a virtual competitor of yours enjoys over you is that he knows how to handle stress effectively.

Detailed studies reveal that an increasing number of people suffer from aggravated levels of stress on a daily basis. Moreover, people are so used to leading an extremely hectic and stressed life that they even ignore their family and personal life in order to handle their problems and tensions. Interestingly, different people are stressed about different sets of problems. There could be varied reasons for stressful situations like anxiety and worries due to work-related performance, economy, global concerns, or personal factors.

Moreover, most individuals are aware of the fact that they cannot exercise much control over issues, which are too vast in nature such as terrorism and global concerns, but still, they choose to fret over these issues without trying to solve them. This kind of trend reflects a certain kind of ideology of people who are addicted to stress. They stress themselves out as it gives them an instant rush of energy. Nevertheless, it is entirely a personal choice to be made on the part of an individual whether he wants to utilize this energy to tackle problems or waste his energy while endlessly complaining about them.

Most people when stressed tend to overlook their positive points. Their mind remains preoccupied with petty concerns and the stress-related factors. Giving our concerns undue importance may lead us to become over-obsessed with them. Being over-stressed can often impair our sense of rational thinking and judgment. In addition, this may hamper our thought process and the ability to find solutions to our problems. In fact, a person who is more used to being stressed and anxious right from childhood has tendencies of getting easily anxious and jittery even at the smallest amount of provocation. Hence, proper measures should be adopted right from the beginning for avoiding stress and handling tricky situations efficiently.

Taking a great deal of stress and anxiety can have negative implications on our health as well. A person who remains stressed more often runs a higher risk of suffering from frequent headaches, irregular sleep patterns, depression, and even drug abuse in some cases. These symptoms affect our thought patterns, behavior, and feelings tremendously. Surprisingly, some of the most pleasant changes in an individual’s life can contribute to a person’s aggravated levels of stress. Moving to a new place, getting married, shifting to college from school or promotion can make a person stressed easily. The primary reason ruled for this kind of phenomenon is that since our mind and body are adjusted to a certain pattern; they find it extremely difficult to readjust to a completely new environment and resists changes. This often leads to the building-up of stress and nervous anxiety. Moreover, stress is a completely fabricated factor. It does not occur naturally to man. In fact, it’s all in the mind of an individual whether he wants to get anxious about a certain issue or not.

There are various techniques and methods through which a person can ease off his tension and target the sudden rush of energy levels to handle problems effectively. Meditation, yoga, diverting our mind to other activities, and deep breathing are some important techniques recognized worldwide that can ease stress. It is just only taking a little initiative, willpower, and hard work on the part of any individual to handle stress and positively thrive on it. A relaxed and calm person has the ability to turn any situation in his favor. Facing our problems boldly and not giving into stress is the most important skill required out of any individual.

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