Many individuals seek out home remedies for treating their own yeast infections. For others, these home remedies are more likely to be employed to treat their pets, rather than themselves. But is there any substance behind home remedies for yeast infections?

The condition of a yeast infection is a result of an imbalance in the natural flora of the body. When this balance is upset by some external agent, like antibiotic treatment, the Candida yeast will try to adjust to the new environment. This can result in the yeast multiplying at an abnormal rate. Once the infection is present, it is difficult to eradicate and may persist over time.

Natural plants and herbs are a good source of remedies. One popular use is to use aloe as a home remedy for a yeast infection. There are also many over-the-counter creams that can be used to relieve the pain of yeast infections.

Another natural remedy for yeast infection is to drink a supplement that contains garlic. Garlic has anti-fungal properties, which will help to eliminate the infection from the root.

A herb known as Yeastrol is also an effective home remedy for a yeast infection. It has been shown to be beneficial for both men and women, but in addition, its primary benefit is that it can improve sex lives. The benefit is due to the fact that it can inhibit the proliferation of the yeast within the vagina.

A home remedy for yeast infection should include an antibacterial agent like hydrogen peroxide. This will not only help to disinfect the area but will kill the harmful yeast fungus. Benzalkonium Chloride is a good disinfectant that is safe to use on the skin and the vagina.

Some people will use antibiotics to treat a yeast infection. While this is common practice, you must be aware that antibiotics are not designed to treat yeast infections, and they have serious side effects.

Another home remedy for a yeast infection is to apply tea tree oil to the affected area. This is another non-medicinal method, and tea tree oil is known to be an antibacterial agent. Tea tree oil has antifungal and antiviral properties and should be used sparingly.

Another popular home remedy for a yeast infection is to eat yogurt. Like garlic, yogurt has antibacterial properties. It also has properties that can alleviate pain from the infection, so that the symptoms become less painful and more tolerable.

The most popular remedy for a yeast infection is to drink plain water. Many individuals feel that the best thing to do is to hydrate the entire body when they have a yeast infection. This includes the genitals and the intestines.

One more type of home remedy for a yeast infection is to mix equal parts of honey and vinegar. This mixture can be drunk regularly to kill the yeast fungus. There are many other home remedies for yeast infections, but these should be your first choices.

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