Supermarket and bakery cakes can be really delicious. They are convenient, too, because whenever there is a birthday or other special occasion, you can just go pick one up. If you choose, you can order a custom-made cake ahead of time, and have it personalized with a person’s name. Some bakeries even make cakes with a person’s picture right on the cake. There are also many other creative types of cakes, such as Disney characters, Nascar drivers, etc. But one very important question is: Are these commercially-made cakes healthy? Unfortunately, they aren’t in the least bit healthy. Many of them contain various types of unhealthy ingredients. Next time you buy a store or bakery-made cake, check the label. You will be surprised at the extremely long list of unnecessary ingredients in the cake, and many people can’t even pronounce some of them.

Preservatives are in just about any of the ready-made convenience foods that we buy today. Boxed items like flavored, rice, instant mashed potatoes, hamburger helper, and stuffing are only some items that contain preservatives- and of course cakes. Preservatives aren’t even necessary. It’s just a way for the manufacturer to prolong the life of their products, in case they don’t sell right away. This is a horrible, unhealthy thing to do, though, because preservatives are very bad for our bodies. They cause toxins to build up in our systems, forcing the liver to work harder to filter all that poison out. Toxic buildups can make you sick in various ways. They can cause you to develop allergies since your liver is so over-taxed and tired from filtering out all the crap you’re feeding it. Eczema is another problem that could arise since it occurs from toxins attempting to exit through the skin, our largest organ.

These cakes also contain artificial flavors and dyes. Why in the world do they have to be artificial? There are plenty of natural flavors that can be used instead. It usually happens because of money. Cheap, artificial flavors cost a lot less than healthy, natural ones. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? Why is it so expensive to be healthy, yet inexpensive to be unhealthy? You would think that it would be the opposite, or at least not as expensive just to be healthier and feel better.

People need to make an effort to eat healthier and better their lives. Cooking and baking your own foods is a good place to start. If you need to buy some new cookware, bakeware or other equipment, that isn’t a problem.

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