If you have a nail-biting habit, you may be surprised to find out how many nail-biting solutions there are available. If you know a little about your teeth, the design of your fingernails, and your personal history, you can probably design a treatment that will not only stop the behavior but also eliminate any future problems you might have. Here are a few options for your shortlist.

Don’t try to cure your nail-biting habits with methods that claim to work with your teeth alone. Unless you have dental issues or severe psychological issues, you’re going to have to take some other steps. One of the most important is to treat the underlying cause. Teeth are only a part of the problem.

If you’ve got a clear mind, you can usually figure out what the root of the problem is. This is easier than it seems. For example, if your nails are being pulled so often that they are falling off your fingers, that’s probably a result of a bad habit of biting.

If your nails grow abnormally long, this could be a result of a nail-biting habit. If your nails grow longer than the natural length, this may also be a result of this behavior. So don’t just focus on the nails.

It’s possible that you are suffering from depression, which is probably the main reason you’re engaging in this bad habit. Sometimes we associate nail-biting with negative feelings like anxiety, which causes us to keep doing it. Treating this will help get rid of the habit, while at the same time treating the underlying issues, which can be so easily solved.

More than likely, however, you’re suffering from some form of serious mental illness. That’s a huge reason to go to a doctor. A mental health professional can help determine the cause of your biting.

The more obvious reason is probably a traumatic event. If you see nail-biting as a response to being angry, upset, or afraid, it’s likely that you were one of those people. When you’ve had a traumatic experience, it might take a bit of time to accept the reality of what happened and get your emotions under control.

In many cases, a finger or toe growing beyond its normal length is a result of the pain caused by the nail growing too long. A nail-biting habit is the same way. It’s not only caused by physical pain. It’s also a response to physical pain.

It’s entirely possible that you’re not experiencing any such side effects. But you can’t know that for sure until you ask your doctor. He or she may just want to rule out a major medical condition before they can conclude that you have a nail-biting problem.

There are treatments that work great for anyone, regardless of whether they have nails, not. So you can’t really blame yourself for not looking for the root cause of your nail-biting habit. But you need to look for solutions.

There is no question that a method that works well for someone else, works just as well for you. But I’m hoping that I can help you determine whether you really do have a nail-biting problem and then provide a nail-biting solution to help get rid of it.

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