When the tea was introduced to England, the tea speedily proved famous enough to replace the place of ale as the national drink of England. Following that period, the tea-drinking was then practiced in England and in fact became part of the English tradition. There came the emergence of the tea taxation and shipments, and in later years the tea tradition is not only practiced by the aristocracy but also by the bourgeoisie and the lower classes.

So for that, the English tea garden emerged and became well-known for all of the people. It is said that the development of the English tea gardens is attributed to the Dutch tavern garden teas. In the English tea garden, both the ladies and the gentlemen consumed their English teas out of doors in which the English tea garden is said to be surrounded by sorts of amusement which oftentimes include orchestras, hidden arbors, flowered walks, and bowling greens. Aside from that, the English tea garden is also filled with concerts, gambling, and even fireworks at night.

It is also interesting to note that through the English tea garden, Lord Nelson, who defeated Napoleon by sea, met Emma, later Lady Hamilton who was Lord Nelson’s, great love. How romantic isn’t it? So, in the English tea garden, the women are allowed to enter a blended public gathering in the English tea gardens for the first time without social remarks. And since the English tea garden is intended for the public, the English people acquaint in the English tea garden bridging the gap between the lines of class and birth.

In the English tea garden, it is typical that you see small, locked wooden boxes that are situated on the tables and inscribed on those boxes were the letters T. I. P. S. which means To Insure Prompt Service. This particular letter served in a situation in which the tea drinker wished the waiter to hurry and so ensure that the English tea will be served hot, he will then drop a coin into the box on being seated to ensure prompt service. By this practice in most English tea gardens, the concept of tipping as a response to proper service was developed in the English tea garden.

Ultimately, the English tea garden then served as a major spot in England, and up to now, the English tea garden remains as it is.

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