Dining out is never a problem in Aruba. The place thrives with Aruba restaurants serving different international cuisine providing one with a variety of options. Exotic cuisine includes French, Indonesian, Italian, Mediterranean, Polynesian, and Japanese, each one superb and authentic and a veritable feast for the eyes of the diners, promising unimaginable gastronomic delight to diners. These Aruba restaurants will certainly satisfy even the most fastidious palate. The different ambiance provided by each restaurant hints of the diversity of culture which, by some stroke of fate, has found its way to the island, lending its distinctive flair that will definitely spice up every dining experience, making it unique and unforgettable. It is almost like being transported to different worlds without leaving Aruba.

But naturally, the best way to get acquainted with a place is through its food. Local Aruba restaurants abound, most of them lined up along the Caribbean shores, offering mouth-watering sumptuous local dishes with its distinctly island flavor. The island being at the heart of the Caribbean, it is not to be wondered that these restaurants serve seafood specialties from the deep blue waters of the Caribbean. The islanders have been blessed with the bounty of the sea such that they enjoy the enviable pleasure of having grouper, red snapper, mahi-mahi, and tuna as their daily staple. Time intermingled with tradition, leaving countless unique recipes that have remained deeply rooted in the memory of diners, visitors, and locals alike. This is evident in the novel, creative ways the local Aruba restaurants have come up with to prepare their traditional dishes, all meant to further titillate one’s taste buds. The result is the extensive and sumptuous menu offered by these restaurants, a tribute to their creativity and culinary expertise. Some of these traditionally prepared favorites are keshi yena, conch, goat, and wahoo. One can also enjoy a generous sampling of frog legs, ribs, lobster, tapas, coconut, or almond grouper. Most of the restaurants afford the additional pleasure of having a spectacular view of the beach at sunset which only serves to heighten one’s enjoyment of the sumptuous food being served.

Among the favorites are the Flying Fishbone with a view of the sunset while feasting on sea bass, Madam Janette, voted as the best restaurant of the Caribbean in 2005, Iguana Joe’s which features in its extensive menu fresh mahi-mahi and coco shrimp and Pago-pago along Palm Beach. A unique, casual restaurant that has caught the fancy of tourists is the Driftwood which serves the – catch of the day, freshly caught by the husband that day and cooked by his wife. These are only some restaurants to visit. One can never go wrong in sampling the menu in other Aruba restaurants which will surely gratify one’s appetite.

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