E-zine Articles have been around since the early ’80s, and the group Cult of the Dead Cow claims to have published the first one in 1984. No matter who was the first to create it, E-zine articles have become a part of everyday web hosting, designing, and promotion. E-zine articles are a way to focus on specific content and keywords.

The Pros

The benefits of E-zine Articles are numerous, to say the least; however, the top Pros make your work and research all worth the while. Traffic the proper E-zine articles can generate enough visitors to make your web page a success, while improper content, repetitiveness, and missing links can spell disaster for any online business. Making sure that all of your content is accurate and up to date can be tedious but a necessary part of maintaining a successful site.

The Cons

What can go wrong with E-zine articles, you would think what cons can there possibly be on something that if you look in the right spots you can get for free, but there are a few. The first being the content of the article, is it accurate, current, and informative? If not then this can cause serious problems such as someone marking your site as an unreliable source. The safety net for this is the fact that the articles are written by other authors and can be started from one point of view. Another major con is how fast others generate new articles, the web content changes daily and unless you have catchy headlines and SEO Articles then you can be left behind.


Many E-zine articles free as long as you follow basic guidelines when using them on either your website or emails. First, you must leave where the article came from in the article and not change any part of the source. You may do minor editing but nothing major that can change the content of the article, also copying only parts or just a few lines is illegal as well. Most times, you must inform the original host of the Article where you are putting the E-zine Article, or if it is part of a solicited email list then a forward of your email should work. Not all require notification, however; it is good business sense and ethnics to contact them. E-zine articles can be user friendly as long as you remember that the information has to be accurate, you keep the source of the article in it, and you follow the copyright guidelines. However, finding the right article for your web page can be a difficult task. Don’t give up though, with patients and the right Keywords, and the web you are sure to find the right article for you.

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